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Business Development Intern




Mutual aid, it is a very good team and they are always ready to help you.

I think so, even if they are sometimes overloaded during certain periods.
Welcoming. Alessandro immediately helped me and informed me about the company. The whole business development team was very open and willing to help me.
The feeling of freedom, of being able to work wherever you want, is quite appreciable. In addition, the work atmosphere is generally good. Last but not least, the multicultural aspects of the team mean that we learn a lot about different cultures.
Philip or Michael, I think!
Maybe install things to help the trainees. Malta can be expensive, so help with housing, promotions with partners…
Maybe after my studies, but I want to travel and see the world with my work, so staying in Malta is not an option I’m considering at the moment.
In general, yes, Ale and Lojane were often available.
Open-mindedness and professionalism.
I’m very curious by nature, I tend to ask and search a lot, so I always ended up figuring it out.
The office is quite nice but a little too small. It is difficult to fit in because there is often little space, and you find yourself working alone.
It’s nice, it helps to get to know people.
Not quite, I really wanted to have contact with clients and I didn’t really get any. Afterwards, I learned other things, but that was the real goal I had coming here.
It’s always a bit sad to leave your work environment, and I wish them the best for the future.
I don’t know.
Thanks to ANCHOVY.  and the team for the opportunity!
Of course.

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