Marketing Intern




The versatility of my tasks: communication strategy/design/website/social text.

In terms of potential, yes, each individual is working to the best of their ability, but we can do better in terms of project management. We should put common tools in place, such as a monthly plan in which projects are included, and a forecast of the time to be spent on each project (and not just in terms of tasks). There is a lack of an overview of projects which would allow for a better distribution of work on the month, and prioritisation of sensitive projects.

I was a bit lost! The use of English, getting to grips with teamwork, and understanding how the company works were a bit hard. But that’s okay (no pain, no gain).

Working with a wide range of brands from different sectors who have specific marketing and digital expectations depending on their needs.

Philip for his good French, and Riccardo, who taught me what the word “conception” meant in English (I thought it was a synonym for design, like in French, but not at all).

More information about the company, its clients, and feedback on the trainees’ work.

Depending on the position, but yes.

Yes, no worries on that side.

A unique experience abroad, and the conviction that I want to work in the communication/marketing/digital sector.

With simplicity, by communicating with my managers.

Still maturing. The company has just merged, it needs time to find its bearings.

Fridays are a good starting point for creating group cohesion. Perhaps what is missing is a positive evaluation by the leaders before the drink of friendship. I am also thinking of extra-professional activities such as wellness weekends, sports, and culture.


Mitigated! I will miss Malta. Now I will find a job in France.

I do not believe there is.

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