Design Operations Lead




In the beginning, I was very shy and afraid because it was a new world for me. Even though I was already 27, I felt weak and not at the level required for this company. Then, when the offer of employment arrived, I was excited, and I felt that the company recognised my value.

I had been following ANCHOVY’s social media channels since the very first time I arrived in Malta in 2017. However, I quickly found a job at another company at the time, and I moved to Lisbon in 2018. When I returned to Malta, I decided it was a good moment for me to exit my comfort zone and try to send out my CV.

I am the Design Operations Lead. I love my role because I started working as a graphic designer in 2014, but being just a designer was not enough for me. My work management and organisation skills weren’t being used as an advantage. I think this role matches these 2 parts perfectly.

Being a designer is very hard because you always face people’s judgments and opinions. However, I am happy because all the difficult conversations I had in the past helped me get to where I am now, and much much more will come.

My favourite thing is organising my 1000 excel sheets and keeping everything on the right track. 😊 At the same time, to keep improving and working on design tasks is a challenge. ‍

Huge improvement. I learned much more in 2 years at ANCHOVY. Compared with 6 years previously spent at other companies.

Working both in the office with the team and also from my home country with my family. Better communication, more information sharing across the whole company. ‍

My team is my inspiration. Even if there are issues and conflicts, everyone’s efforts are very motivating.

Yes. I think we provide amazing work for our clients and a good environment for employees. The company always keeps an eye on how to improve and create a better job environment, and I like this approach. ‍

Teleportation so I could be at the office more often and at a lower price 😊‍

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