Design Operations Lead




When I first joined the company, I found myself in uncharted waters, despite being 27 years old. The new professional environment made me feel shy and professionally vulnerable. Doubts crept in, questioning whether my skills were up to par for this position. However, the arrival of the employment offer brought a surge of excitement that swept away my reservations and made me feel truly valued.

My familiarity with ANCHOVY’s social media presence dates back to my arrival in Malta in 2017. However, at that time, I swiftly secured a job at another company. In 2018, I moved to Lisbon, in Portugal, after seizing another opportunity there. Upon returning to Malta at the end of 2019, I felt the timing was right to step out of my comfort zone and submit my application along with my CV to ANCHOVY. Today, I proudly hold the role of Design Operations Lead.

While I initially embarked on my career as a graphic designer in 2014, my aspirations transcended mere design work. This role seamlessly blends my work management and organizational skills with my design proficiency. The life of a designer is rife with challenges, marked by continuous exposure to external scrutiny and varying opinions. Nevertheless, I find profound satisfaction in this journey. The challenging conversations of the past have propelled me to my current position, and I anticipate many more such milestones ahead.
The most fulfilling aspect of my work lies in supporting my team, devising solutions, and optimizing processes to make their work more efficient and enjoyable. Simultaneously, tackling design assignments presents an ever-evolving challenge that continues to refine my design skills.

In my role, I enjoy the flexibility to work both in the office, fostering close collaboration with the team, and remotely from my home country. This balance allows me to maintain a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life. Such a dynamic is made possible by the robust and continually growing communication within and outside the team, as well as the culture of information sharing across the entire company.

My team serves as my wellspring of inspiration. It’s only natural for occasional issues and conflicts to surface in any group of people. However, the unwavering dedication and effort of every team member remain highly motivating. Together, we consistently deliver exceptional work to our clients and cultivate a supportive environment for our employees. From day one, the company’s commitment to enhancing and nurturing a positive work environment resonated deeply with me.

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