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by creating, designing & building digital services, products & experiences.

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100 passionate, creative & tech-savvy individuals, our mission is to break through the boundaries of conventional thinking, crafting innovative solutions that elevate brands to new heights and create meaningful connections with their audience.

This is how
we operate

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A brief history of how
9H was established

January 2008

NIU Is Co-Founded by Matthew Sammut & James Abela.

February 2012

ANCHOVY is co-founded by Zak & Benji Borg.

March 2017

ANCHOVY goes Public on the Maltese Stock Exchange.

April 2020

ANCHOVY opens offices in Dubai.

May 2022

NIU & ANCHOVY merge operations.

October 2023

ANCHOVY & NIU rebrand to 9H Digital.

Tayb is established in Saudi Arabia.

A workforce of 70 people

A workforce of 70 people

A workforce of 70 people

Without good talent our work suffers — but more than that, talent is our heartbeat. Nurturing this talent is paramount for the success of our endeavours.

We have offices located in


182, Lvl 1,
Mdina Road,


7064 Al Takhassousi, Unit 102,
Al Muhammadiyah Dist
Riyadh 12362-3680

Together we become a force for change. We exist through the partnerships of our fellow companies and how we work with clients — unified with equal vested interest in the solution.

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