Progress is
the result of
digital success

Through the growth of strategic partnerships and knowledge-base — we deliver a unique and unchallenged offering.

Changing the face of our industry

9H Capital is a new comprehensive technology and digital services group co-founded by ANCHOVY’s founders Benji and Zak Borg, and James Abela and Matthew Sammut of NIU. It consolidates the respective companies’ local market leadership position and their technology talent base into an integrated digital offering that provides each client-base with end-to-end digital services to support them on their digital transformation journey.
Having already disrupted the local digital marketing landscape this new group of companies will pave the way for a leading technology player in Malta.
This is the first step in a roadmap that will see 9H Capital grow into a robust alliance of capabilities across Malta, Middle East and beyond.

This is how
we operate

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A brief history of how
9H was established

January 2008

NIU Is Co-Founded by Matthew Sammut & James Abela.

February 2012

ANCHOVY is co-founded by Zak & Benji Borg.

March 2017

ANCHOVY goes Public on the Maltese Stock Exchange.

April 2020

ANCHOVY opens offices in Dubai.

May 2022

NIU & ANCHOVY merge operations to form 9H Capital

A workforce of 70 people

A workforce of 70 people

A workforce of 70 people

Without good talent our work suffers — but more than that, talent is our heartbeat. Nurturing this talent is paramount for the success of our endeavours.

We have offices located in


182, Lvl 1,
Mdina Road,


2643 Ad Duha,
King Fahad Riyadh


DIFC Gate Avenue Zone D,
P.O. Box 507211